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Global Leaders: open-minded, resourceful and resilient
Global Leaders
Cross-cultural Teams: bring out their best by bringing them together
Diversity and Inclusion: the key to your company’s success
Cross-Cultural Cooperation: make and maintain connections across the globe
Effective cross-cultural relationships
in organizations and between
international partners

Global Leaders think on an international level, are passionate about other countries and are culturally savvy. They master the art of effective relationship building around the globe. Read More

Your diverse organizational culture brings up the best ideas. Translate them into successful products by creating an inclusive environment. Read More

Getting the best international talent means engaging cross-cultural teams. Work with our experts to maximize the potential of your globally oriented workforce. Read More

LUDINA builds bridges between you and your international partners – from initial negotiations through work-flow optimization to culturally-targeted product marketing. Read More

Cross-Cultural Learning & Development Program



This training benefits people on managerial or leadership level who travel frequently, work with virtual teams and business partners or work abroad. We’ll provide valuable information on the impact of cultural patterns, thereby enhancing cultural self-awareness. Through discussions and interactive activities, our training fosters a global mindset and develops new skills. It equips participants with the strategies needed to work effectively on an international level, by bridging gaps and leveraging similarities.

The facilitator: Urte Reckowsky has a wealth of experience in managing international projects and working with organizations like Philips, DSM, Mondelēz and the European Union. She is a certified management coach and a business psychologist.



A lot of potential profits are often left on the table in negotiation because negotiators lack the required skills. These losses are unnecessary, since good negotiating techniques are easy to learn. Unlike many other ‘soft skills’, these techniques are based on hard facts and can be measurably improved using training and the Quantitative Negotiation method.

The facilitator: Dr Rasmus Tenbergen is a specialist for the Harvard Concept of Principled Negotiation. He studied political science and public administration at the Free University of Berlin and at Harvard University focusing on negotiations.



At all our culture-specific training sessions, your employees will be given essential information about countries and regions. They’ll work out strategies for dealing with differences; they’ll gain an insight into values, norms and communication styles; they’ll discover strategies for developing trust-based relationships by working through realistic simulations. They can develop the necessary mindset and skillset for working in Russia.

The facilitator for Russia: Dr Vladimir Lyskow-Streve is an expert in intercultural training and team development for Western Europe, Russia, and other Eastern/Western teams, as well as being an organizational consultant.

Successful Presentations IN ENGLISH


In an intercultural context, language skills are important, but grasping issues such as ‘politeness vs. directness’, giving criticism, and body language is equally essential. In this presentation workshop, the focus is on all three presentation areas: language, communicating with the audience, and refining presentation skills. Your employees will receive valuable tips and tools for presentation, feedback and discussion.

The facilitator: Dr Paul Skandera holds German and American citizenship. He is a Professor of Business English at the Management Center Innsbruck, and an English lecturer at the University of St. Gallen and the University of Basel.

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