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Global Leaders: open-minded, resourceful and resilient

Global Leaders

Cross-cultural Teams: bring out their best by bringing them together


Diversity and Inclusion: the key to your company’s success


Cross-Cultural Cooperation: make and maintain connections across the globe


Effective cross-cultural relationships
in organizations and between
international partners

Global Leaders think on an international level, are passionate about other countries and are culturally savvy. They’ve mastered the art of effective relationship building with stakeholder groups around the globe. Read More

Your diverse organizational culture brings up the best ideas. Translate them into successful products by creating an inclusive environment . Read More

Getting the best international talent means engaging cross-cultural teams. Work with our experts to maximize the potential of your globally oriented workforce. Read More

LUDINA builds bridges between you and your international partners – from initial negotiations through work-flow optimization to culturally-targeted product marketing. Read More

Our Current Research

Dual-Career Couples and Global Mobility

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