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Love on the Move

Why do happy couples get more out of their time abroad?

In 2017 LUDINA carried out a survey to find out how relocation affects couples’ relationships and how these relationships influence the relocation experience. We were amazed at the response and the questions and comments we received.

Now we have evaluated our study and the results are extremely revealing: nothing affects satisfaction with life in a new country more than a couple’s so-called dyadic coping strategies. These are the strategies couples develop jointly to cope with stress, whether caused by everyday pressures or more serious issues.

Coping strategies for a stronger relationship

In this workshop you will discover more about the outcomes of the study, the stages of a relationship, different communication styles between couples and the effects of living abroad. You will also learn more about the dynamics in your own relationship. We will take a closer look at the Dyadic Coping model*, which examines the different ways people respond when their partners communicate, verbally or non-verbally, that they are feeling stressed.

We will use playful exercises to try out different approaches – because there is no one way to communicate with a partner. Share your thoughts with others about steps you can take or changes you can make to grow as a couple, for example by prioritizing “quality time” together.

Come with your partner or on your own if they don’t have time or don’t wish to take part at present.


* Developed by Prof. Dr. G. Bodenmann from the University of Zurich.


Workshop Details


    Urte Reckowsky




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