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Coaching and Training for sustainable businesses

LUDINA – connecting cultures supports companies in building a name as an attractive employer and retain talent by facilitating cooperation between employees from different backgrounds.

LUDINA offers expert support for international management and team development. Our spectrum of expertise covers:

  • Corporate culture assessments
  • Diversity & inclusion projects
  • Team development & leadership courses
  • Individual coaching on leadership, work-life balance, outplacement (job coaching) etc.
  • Set-up of coaching and mentoring programmes in your company
  • Communication and conflict training

Our approach

With LUDINA you can expect to receive sound knowledge and research-based insights from our experts: made tangible through a range of case studies and examples.

Our name is derived from the Latin word ludus, related to the semantic area of play. Where appropriate, we use the interactive elements of drama training, simulation and constellation work – all in a light-hearted way – to achieve the best results for successful leaders and teams.

Course Design

Our courses can be booked as face-to-face-training or as blended learning. For many courses, trainees can also access our “digital coach” app for six months.

200 experts from more than 80 countries

To facilitate your cooperation with international partners and for your relocation programmes, LUDINA works with 200 experts from more than 80 countries. They will support and consult you from the initial contact and negotiation stage through the whole cooperation process. Every expert has worked as a trainer or consultant for many years and has international corporate experience.