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Cultural Agility – Embracing Diversity

Intercultural teams bring a wealth of rewards, including different perspectives and experiences. A diverse team is often a more successful team – offering boundless potential and an ability to foster innovative ideas based on culturally-conscious input.

However, differences can also cause conflicts, and in turn, higher employee turnover. Culturally agile managers with awareness of unconscious bias know to avoid harmful and inaccurate stereotypes. Instead, they provide their team members with the right support and capitalize on the undisputed benefits diverse teams offer.

These seminars can be booked for managers and/or teams. For managers, intercultural competence and agility training will complement their existing leadership skills. For teams, by becoming more aware and accepting of differences, they will be more productive and stable.

Seminar Content:

  • What neuroscience says about ‘unconscious bias’: how we categorize, why we tend to think in terms of “in- and out-groups”, “right and wrong”, and how we can combat this
  • Beyond stereotypes: what science says about cultural differences
  • Reflection on participants’ own cultures and values – by nation, but also by gender, lifestyle, age etc.
  • Culture quiz
  • Introduction to communication and conflict resolution skills for intercultural teams

Ongoing support, lasting benefits

Participants at leadership seminars will have access to our interactive platform, a “digital coach”, for six months. This includes both feedback from the trainer and the group, helping team leaders apply what they’ve learned to everyday life (additional costs may occur).

An expert approach – every time

As always with LUDINA – connecting cultures, you can expect to receive sound knowledge and research-based insights from our expert speakers – all demonstrated through a range of case studies, group discussions and experience-oriented exercises.



Seminar Details


Urte Reckowsky


Urte Reckowsky has 20 years’ experience in managing international projects and working with international organizations. She is a certified Coach and has a Masters’ Degree in Business Psychology, specializing in leadership, relocation, resilience and cross-cultural relations.