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Improving your negotiation skills 

In negotiations, potential profits are often left on the table because the negotiators lack the required skills. These can lead to significant losses, which can be avoided with our simple, yet highly effective training.

The Quantitative Negotiation Method was developed by Dr. Rasmus Tenbergen as a way of measuring and improving negotiation skills. He based it on the Harvard concept of principled negotiation, which focuses on interests that create value. Our workshop helps participants make better deals and become better leaders – all by building powerful negotiation skills.

Unlike many other ‘soft skills’, these techniques are based on hard facts and can be measurably improved through training. Additionally, course attendees can participate in a negotiation competition and gain the Top Ten Negotiator seal of quality.


  • Introduction to the Harvard Concept
  • Introduction to decision-making processes
  • How strong is my bargaining position (BATNA)?
  • Developing co-operations in competitive environments
  • The prisoners’ dilemma
  • Being cooperative without being exploited
  • Staying protected against unfair negotiation techniques like threats, extreme claims, power games, delaying tactics etc.
  • Simulation of different negotiation situations from the “Harvard Program on Negotiation” and from the practice of the participants


Trainer input, practical examples, and detailed feedback from trainer and group.




Seminar Details


Dr. Rasmus Tenbergen


Rasmus is a specialist for the Harvard Concept of Principled Negotiation. He studied political science and public administration at the Free University of Berlin and at Harvard University focusing on negotiations. Since 2000, he has been a lecturer in Negotiation, Mediation, Political Advocacy and Leadership at various universities of Bonn, Erfurt, Leipzig and Gießen. He works as a trainer and consultant for companies, foundations and public institutions.