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Make each word matter: powerful presentations in English

A compelling and inspiring presentation will stay in your audience’s mind for a long time – and while language skills are important, they are only one component of a winning presentation. This workshop focuses on three key areas: presentation skills, language, and communicating with the audience.

Participants will learn to enhance the impact of their talk with words and with their voice. They will learn to better engage and build trust with their audience. The methods we teach can be applied to all presentations, from internal and external meetings to delivering speeches to a public audience.

This workshop is aimed at presenters who want feedback on their technique and tips on persuasive speaking. It will refresh their skills and enable them to put their argument across in an even more convincing and compelling way.


  • Videos with examples of effective presentations
  • Structure of the presentation: introduction, succinct arguments, conclusion
  • Rhetorical devices such as contrasting, repetition, pacing and “machine gunning”
  • The ten most common mistakes in English and how to avoid them 


Trainer input, practical examples, presentation practice, detailed feedback from the trainer and group, video feedback (optional)


Participants’ English doesn’t need to be perfect, but they should be able to follow the course content and take part in English. Attendees will need to bring one of their presentations to the session.



Seminar Details


Dr. Paul Skandera


Paul holds German and American citizenship. He is a Professor of Business English at the Management Center Innsbruck, and an English lecturer at the University of St. Gallen and the University of Basel.