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Stop Stress – Stay Resilient

Why do some people struggle to cope with stressful situations at work when other people thrive? If we have “resilience”, we can begin to see the challenges we face as an opportunity for growth. Although the difficult times may affect us, we quickly bounce back.

How we deal with stress is influenced partly by our personality, but also by what we have learned in life. At this 2-day workshop, participants will learn to find their own individual way of coping better with high expectations. They will:

  • Identify their personal sources of stress
  • Check whether their goals are realistic and achievable
  • Learn to prioritize tasks
  • Learn to differentiate between important and urgent tasks and tasks that can wait
  • Develop strategies for dealing with disturbances and time thieves
  • Gain useful insight into different behaviours and expectations in multicultural environments

On a personal level, they will receive support with:

  • Understanding the belief systems and drivers behind their stress
  • Keeping problems in perspective
  • Taking care of their physical health
  • Choosing healthy coping skills
  • Balancing social activity with time alone
  • Relaxation strategies – finding the ones that suit best

As always with LUDINA, attendants can expect to receive sound knowledge and research-based insights from our experts, made tangible through a range of case studies and examples.

After the course, participants will have access to our “Digital Coach” for 6 months. He will remind them of the targets they set for themselves at the workshop. Via the associated platform, they will also be able to communicate with other participants and receive further input from the workshop leader (extra fees applicable).   

Additionally, participants can even book individual follow-up coaching sessions after the workshop (extra fees applicable).



Seminar Details


Urte Reckowsky


Urte Reckowsky has 20 years’ experience in managing international projects and working with international organizations. She is a certified Coach and has a Masters’ Degree in Business Psychology, specializing in leadership, relocation, resilience and cross-cultural relations.