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Global Leadership

Leading with effectiveness and competence

Good leadership is about building trust to get the team engaged. In an intercultural environment, it is important to be able to understand different hierarchy systems, expectations on leaders, gender relations or ways of direct or indirect communication, to just to name a few areas. To achieve effectiveness, global leadership requires three components: cultural knowledge, communication skills, and an openness to new experiences.

And global leadership requires strong self-awareness. It might sound surprising, but leaders who are well rooted in their own culture tend to have fewer cognitive biases and find it easier to understand and interpret foreign expectations, what helps in turn to avoid costly mistakes.

What we offer

  • Culture awareness training – the influence of culture; the dimensions of cultural difference; structures of perception and stereotyping; creating awareness of one’s own culture

  • Country or region-specific training

  • Origin–destination training, for example Switzerland–China

  • Skill analyses before relocation with LUDINA’s proprietary tool set, all with online features and face-to-face interviews or simulations

  • Coaching programs for expatriates, their partners and couples, for an easier adjustment to the new country and to new roles 

  • Coaching programs assisting the partner in his/her job search



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